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Angie Jordin

Media Advisor

On the Job: I began working at exploreMedia on August 31, 2020. I love connecting people to ideas, strategies, and solutions! My favorite part of the job is saying YES, we can do that for you. I serve business owners, decision makers, marketing directors, and community leaders in these ways: I bring them new customers, I create loyal fans out of their current customers, and I reengage past customers- all with the goal to help my clients exceed their revenue goals. 

I consider myself a consultant because with digital, so much changes so often that I am constantly learning and love to share that knowledge with my clients. Even if a new strategy isn’t a good fit for a client right away, at least I’ve made my client aware of what is possible.

About Me: I’ve been married for 27 years to an amazing and very patient man, John Jordin. We have two extraordinary adult children who we’ve raised to love the Lord while pursuing their passion and purpose in life. As a family, we love to travel, eat delicious food, and buy absolutely useless (but beautiful) things at antique shops we pass by!

Once Dreamed of Being a: Judge- I like to take charge!

Honk If You love: Surprising people, doing the most, and over-dressing for every occasion!

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