Crafting Digital Success with Layered Marketing

We are constantly using digital technology to check email, look at the weather, read online articles and scroll through social media, often while the TV plays in the background. To effectively reach customers in this noisy environment, it’s crucial to layer a variety of marketing tactics.

Intensifying your marketing strategies with diverse methods significantly enhances your prospects of achieving success. When you leverage multiple platforms that most people engage with daily, you can effectively connect with and captivate your target audience.

Understand The Customer Journey

There are five “customer journey” stages a customer walks through when deciding to engage with your business — whether as a newcomer or loyal customer. Stay top of mind — layered marketing uses certain proven tactics to resonate with audiences by adapting the messaging to fit each one.

AWARENESS: You guide individuals from the initial “Who are they?” stage to the “Oh, I remember seeing their ads!” phase when they realize they need you.

REACH: When a customer is searching for your business, how easily do you show up? They’re thinking about you and starting to trust you.

ATTRACT: Does your content inspire the customer to take the next step? At this point, they have taken time to research and reflect.

CONVERT: The customer feels comfortable choosing you.

ENGAGE: The customer has chosen you, now you keep them coming back and spreading the word to others

Layered Marketing: What Products Complement Each Other

Guide customers through each stage by combining these digital marketing strategies.

Streaming TV pairs well with:

  1. Display Campaign
  2. Site Retargeting

Social Media (paid and organic) pairs well with:

  1. Website Visitor Pixel
  2. Site Retargeting

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) pairs well with:

  1. Site Retargeting
  2. Local SEO

SEO pairs well with:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Site Retargeting
  3. Local SEO

Within These Products, Certain Tactics Have Different Strengths:

• Display and Geofencing Ads: These ads work their magic by sparking clicks and boosting awareness across various websites and apps using targeting based on interest and behavior or by locations you have visited.

• Search Engine Marketing Ads (SEM): There’s high “intent” here. People are searching for a particular topic on Google, and your ads appear in the search results. It’s your subtle way of getting them to give you a second thought.

• Social Media: Whether it’s organic or paid, social media excels at awareness and branding. It helps target specific groups, engage with audiences in real time, boost brand awareness and can make content go viral, expanding the reach of promotional messages.

• Retargeting Ads: These ads are served to people who have been previously engaged or “warmed up,” having visited your website. While the reach may be narrower, these prospects are higher quality.

• Website Visitor Pixel: Keep people who are interested in you engaged. Capture the email of up to 30 percent of your website visitors and add them to your newsletter.

• SEO: Be found easily on Google. Improve your rankings and gain more organic web traffic.

• Local SEO: Put yourself on the map! Increase your local visibility and reputation

Bonus: Marketing Strategies That Complement Each Other



• Programmatic Email
• eNewsletter
• SEO & Blog Posts
• Visitor Pixel


• eNewsletter
• Social Media
• Geofencing
• Addressable Streaming


• Geofencing
• Facebook Geofencing
• Addressable Streaming

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