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Heather Ruddock

Creative Director

On the Job: I began working at exploreMedia in April 2012. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Auburn University at Montgomery. I worked as a designer for a logo branding company for a few years before starting as a designer at exploreMedia. Since then I have grown into my role as Creative Director.

My role as Creative Director is to develop creative guidelines and lead the creative team. I am responsible for upholding the company’s creative vision and standards across all projects and media.

I love that my days at exploreMedia are never exactly the same. Constantly switching between different projects, visions and styles keeps things interesting and allows me to always learn new things and stretch my creative boundaries.

All About Me: I love to spend time with my family and friends, whether that is getting out and exploring new places, playing video and board games, or just hanging out. I’m also a very laid back person, so you’ll often find me cuddled up on the couch with my husband, Chris, and our two dogs- Cinder and Ember. 

Once Dreamed of Being a: Storm Chaser (Everyone wanted to be one after Twister came out!)

Honk If You Love: Harry Potter

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