Programmatic Emails: Targeting Outside Your Current Customer Base

To the Point: According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, programmatic advertising accounts for 69 percent of all digital media ad spending, with that number expected to grow.

Email is one of the most effective communication tools for businesses. It can be an equally effective marketing tool for expanding your company’s reach, especially when you target the right audience.

Here’s how programmatic email campaigns can significantly and positively impact your marketing.


Powerful Marketing Tool

A programmatic email is a dedicated email blast reaching a precise audience. Programmatic emails are a great tool to reach people not in your email database. You can choose who to send the email to based on their demographics, online behavior and location. This gives programmatic emails advantages over simply sending out a mass marketing email to your existing mailing list. Reaching potential clients who have not heard of you but are looking for exactly what you are offering is a key benefit.

Here are a few more benefits. Programmatic emails:

● Drive growth and engagement through personalized messaging.
● Use data-driven strategies to target a larger audience.
● Deliver the perfect message to the right people who are likely to read it.
● Provide detailed reporting on user interactions to help power future campaigns.

Campaign Targeting

There are two campaign types: standard programmatic or in-market programmatic. Each campaign type focuses on different targeting elements to capture the audience you most want to reach.

Standard programmatic emails:

  • Allow for specific targeting using demographics such as homeownership, household income (HHI), education level, occupation, etc.
  • Can also reach specific geographic locations through zip codes, cities, counties, states, etc.

In-market programmatic emails:

  • Add an additional layer of intent to the email database, allowing you to reach consumers actively looking for your products or services.
  • In-market users are more likely to interact with and convert from your promotion since they were looking at similar websites and products to your promotions in the last 24 hours.

Multiple Touchpoints

You can pair programmatic tools to enhance the client experience and entice them to interact with your business. Email redeployment adds another touchpoint with potential clients and builds trust by resending that email to those who have shown a level of interest and engagement with the initial send.

You can also use an email lookalike display ad campaign to stay top of mind and gain familiarity with potential clients. This campaign presents ads to the target audience before and after they receive an email to help drive interactions and visits to your website.

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